Click to use the Talking Dictionary138. Her Honda Is Her New Home


138. Sheila had lost her job. One day, a bank officer knocked on her door. He said, "You have missed your monthly payments. You have to leave by Friday noon." She said, "But I have no job. I have no place to go. This is my home." He said, "No, ma'am. This was your home. It is our home now. Good luck!" She called her son. He said he could not help her. She called her daughter. She said she could not help her. She called her best friend. She said Sheila could move in with her and her husband. But then Sheila heard her husband yell, "No way!" She called Salvation Army. They took all her household goods. She packed her pillows and blankets into her car. Friday night she parked her car in front of her empty house. I cannot live there, but I can live here, she thought. 0.8


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