Click to use the Talking Dictionary137. Scabs Are for Picking


137. There was a scab on his shin. It was not big. But it had been there a long time. He picked it. It was a deep scab. After picking it, he had to pull it. He finally pulled it all out. Blood poured out of the hole in his shin. He put a tissue on the hole. The tissue quickly turned red. He put another tissue on the hole. That tissue turned red. He kept applying tissues. Finally, the blood stopped flowing. He put a Band‐Aid on the hole. He went to bed. The next day, his calf was swollen. His ankle was swollen. He took off the Band‐Aid. Clear fluid flowed out of the hole. It was not blood. He did not know what it was. But it flowed out of the hole for three days. Finally, the flow stopped. A new scab formed. He did not pick it. 0.3


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