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136. She did not trust her coworkers. They said nice things to her face. They said mean things behind her back. They pretended to be friendly. But they just wanted to trick her. Why did they dislike her? She was a hard worker. They were lazy workers. Her boss liked her. That made her coworkers jealous. They wanted her to leave. They did mean things. They stole her pens. They broke the lock on her desk drawers. They stole her lunch out of the refrigerator. She told her boyfriend about her coworkers. Her boyfriend got angry. He wanted to go to her office. He wanted to yell at her coworkers. She told him no. She said yelling would not solve anything. Yelling would make things worse. She did not want to upset her boyfriend. She did not tell him about her work problems anymore. She kept her work problems to herself. 2.1


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