Click to use the Talking Dictionary135. Simple Names for Her Pets


135. She had a cat. It was black. It had a white dot on its forehead. She called it Dot. She had another cat. It dashed around Dot. It dashed around the apartment. She called it Dash. She had a fish. The fish was a goldfish. She called it Goldie. She had another fish. It blew bubbles out of its mouth. She called it Bubbles. She had a turtle. The turtle lived in its shell. The turtle walked in its shell. The turtle slept in its shell. She called it Shelly. She had a bird. The bird talked. But it said only one word. It only said Hello. She called it Hello. She had a dog. The dog barked at Dot. The dog barked at Dash. The dog barked at Goldie. The dog barked at Bubbles. The dog barked at Shelly. The dog barked at Hello. She called her dog ShutUpAlready. 0.7


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