Click to use the Talking Dictionary131. Newspaper Boils His Blood


131. He filled the pot halfway with water. He put the pot on the stove. He turned on the burner. He sat down at the dining room table. He opened the newspaper. Newspaper stories made him angry. Newspaper stories were about corruption. Corruption was everywhere. Police were corrupt. Lawyers were corrupt. Judges were corrupt. Bankers were corrupt. Politicians were corrupt. Corporations were corrupt. The government was corrupt! Corrupt people stole from honest people. Honest people worked hard for their money. They deserved to keep their money. But they lost their money to corrupt people. Corrupt people never went to jail. They always paid a small fine. He was mad. He was angry. He was steaming. He smelled something. Something was burning. He got up from the dining room table. He walked to the stove. The water had boiled out of the pot. He looked at his smoking pot. Corruption did it! 3.8


131. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.