Click to use the Talking Dictionary130. A Natural Pillow for Icy Walks


130. Sara walked outside. It was icy outside. She did not want to slip and fall. She was very careful. She walked very carefully. She walked very slowly. She watched her every step. Ice is slippery. Ice is tricky. Sometimes you see it. Sometimes you do not. You have to look very carefully. Sara looked very carefully. She did not take her eyes off the sidewalk. She did not take her eyes off the ice. She was not going to slip and fall. Suddenly, she slipped and fell. She had not seen the ice. She had not seen the tricky ice. She had not seen the slippery ice. She landed on her behind. That was okay. Sara had a big, soft behind. The fall did not hurt her. Sara stood up. The tricky, slippery ice will not make me slip and fall again, she thought. She walked very, very, very carefully. 3.0


130. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.