Click to use the Talking Dictionary129. Janitor's Pail Is Always Empty


129. The janitor was upset. His boss did not give him a raise. The janitor said, "You did not give me a raise this year. You did not give me a raise last year. You did not give me a raise two years ago." His boss said, "Times are hard. I am not making money. I do not have any extra money. Maybe you can find another job. Maybe they will pay you more." The janitor looked for another job. He could not find another job. Nobody wanted to hire him. He had to keep the same job. It was that job or no job. But he was not happy. His boss made a lot of money. He drove a new Lincoln. His wife drove a new Lincoln. The janitor drove an old Chevy pickup. He kept his job. Maybe the boss will give me a raise next year, he thought. 1.4


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