Click to use the Talking Dictionary 108. Who Sent This Cool Email?


108. His emails to his friends always said, "From: Cool Guy." But he decided Cool Guy wasn't cool enough. He wanted something cooler. After much thought, he came up with the coolest name of all: Cool Dude. He went online to his Yahoo! email. He clicked on Options. Then he clicked on Mail Options. He saw Social Features, Shortcuts, and more. But he didn't see Change 'From' Name. He clicked on Accounts. He saw Yahoo! Mail. He hovered the pointer over it. It was a link. But it wasn't blue, like most links. He clicked on Yahoo! Mail. Under Sending Mail was Your 'From' Name. Next to that was a box. He changed Cool Guy in the box to Cool Dude. He clicked on Save Changes. He clicked on Back to Mail. He sent all his friends a short email: "Guess who?" They would be so jealous of his new nickname. 1.5


108. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.