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106. In Manhattan, supermarkets are not, like Starbucks, on every corner. It's a lucky person who lives within a block of a supermarket. Delis, little restaurants, and little grocery shops are everywhere, but supermarkets are relatively few and far between. The closest supermarket to Brian was Gristedes. It was six blocks away. Friday he went shopping. It was a 25‐minute walk to Gristedes. It was a 35‐minute walk back. On the way back, Brian had to stop every block to rest. At every corner, he put the four heavy, plastic bags on the sidewalk. He stood next to them. He stretched his fingers. He stretched his arms. He stretched his back. There's got to be a better way, he thought. There is. Many people buy personal shopping carts, for as little as $20. But Brian didn't want to spend $20 on a shopping cart. Maybe I can invent something, he thought. 5.2


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