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103. Derrick was arguing with his twin brother. They were 62. Their mom had died two months ago. They were arguing about her British estate. She'd had no will. Who gets what? "What's there to argue about?" asked a family friend. "You split everything down the middle. You're twins. You each get half." Derrick disagreed, saying, "I'm older than Byron. I was born two minutes before he was. Tradition holds that the oldest son is the most important child, and he gets the lion's share. I'm not asking for much, just 60 percent instead of 50 percent." Byron scoffed. He said, "We're not living in the middle ages anymore. We aren't knights suited in armor. Even if you were two years older than I, you still deserve only 50 percent. Or is money more important than family? If 10 percent isn't 'much,' as you say, then just don't ask for it." 4.1


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