Click to use the Talking Dictionary94. He Likes Them Young and Pretty


94. Brenda is overweight and plain‐looking. William is her team leader. William ignores Brenda. When she asks him questions, he tells her to ask him later. He tells her to look in the manual. "What manual?" she asks. He pretends that he doesn't understand her. He says that he's busy. He tells her to ask someone else. He rolls his eyes. He yawns in her face. Brenda hates William. She asked the boss if she could switch teams. The boss said maybe next year. The boss hired a new worker. Her name is Fay. Fay joined William's team. Fay is young and pretty. When she asks William questions, he patiently answers all her questions. Then he asks, "Do you have any other questions?" Every few hours he walks over to her desk and offers his help. Every few days he takes Fay to lunch. Brenda always eats lunch at her desk. 2.5


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