Click to use the Talking Dictionary92. Kill the Bugs, Save the Bugs


92. Bill entered his apartment. A worker had slipped a notice under the front door. The notice said they were going to spray his apartment for bugs. What bugs, he wondered. They would spray Friday morning. Friday morning he was in the bathroom. He heard a knock at the door. He was shaving. He rinsed his face. He heard the door open. "Bug spraying!" the worker said. Bill grabbed a towel and went out to the kitchen. He watched the worker spray all along the floor. He sprayed in the spaces next to the stove and the refrigerator. He asked Bill, "Do you want me to spray the bathroom or anywhere else?" Bill said, "Not today, thank you." The worker left. Bill moistened some paper towels and wiped up all the foul‐smelling insecticide on the kitchen floor. He put the paper towels into a plastic bag and tied up the bag. 2.9


92. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.