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78. He wondered if it was cold outside. He was going to walk to Pier 88. He'd heard that cruise ships were in town. He looked outside his eighth‐floor window. Many people on the sidewalk below were wearing short‐sleeve shirts. But the radio had said the temperature was 67 degrees. That's not exactly hot, he thought. It was only 10 a.m. It would probably warm up by noon. He put on jeans and a T‐shirt. He walked outside. It was a little chilly. Maybe it'll get warmer as I walk, he thought. But it didn't. He went into Conway's, a budget clothing store. He went upstairs to the men's department. He found a long‐sleeve shirt in the $2 section. Then he saw a jacket in the $4 section. It was much heavier than the shirt. Neither the shirt nor the jacket had a price tag. He took them to the cashier. 2.4


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