Click to use the Talking Dictionary 74. Count Your Change before You Leave


74. They stopped at the cookie store. His wife wanted something sweet. "Buy me some cookies," she said. He said, "Sure." He looked at the price list. The cookies were $1 each. He ordered two cookies. His wife couldn't believe it. "I don't want just two cookies," she said. "Buy six!" The price list said, "Six Cookies for $5.99." So, at least he'd save a penny. He ordered six cookies. His wife walked out of the cookie store. She waited on the sidewalk. The clerk gave him a bag of cookies. He put 50 cents into the tip jar. He made sure the clerk saw him do it. He waited. "Where's my penny?" he asked. She looked at him. She laughed. He repeated his question. This time she just smiled at him. He looked for the manager. Then he thought about his wife waiting outside. It's only a penny, he told himself. 1.5


74. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.