Click to use the Talking Dictionary72. See the Doctor, Face the Music


72. Norm woke up to go to the bathroom. While washing his hands, he looked in the mirror. The circular "bump" on the side of his nose looked bigger. The bump looked puffy. It was soft. It didn't hurt. Maybe it was just some fat cells, as he had read online. Or, maybe it was skin cancer. His dad had had skin cancer. Doctors had cut out one suspicious spot after another. They had cut out spots from all over his face. Norm wondered, Like father, like son? He hoped he was just getting a little fat ring on his face. Not a big deal, except it was a little ugly to look at. But cancer would be even uglier. Cancer would eat that ring and his nose, too! He decided to make an appointment with a dermatologist. He went back to bed. He hoped he wouldn't dream about his nose. 2.3


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