Click to use the Talking Dictionary67. An Evening Jog on the Beach


67. It was a chilly spring night. He was staying at a hotel. He was a 38‐year‐old runner. He had been running for 20 years. He enjoyed running, and he believed it was good for his health. He had two young sons. They often went running with him. But they were at home. He put on his running shoes and shorts. He turned on his iPod. He always listened to The Beatles. He walked to the beach. He couldn't see any stars or the moon. He ran down the beach. He saw no one else. He had the beach all to himself. He was enjoying his run. "Nowhere Man" was playing. A one‐engine plane had to make an emergency landing. The pilot had to land his plane on the beach. The runner never heard the plane behind him. The pilot never saw the runner. The runner died instantly. The pilot was injured. 1.9


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