Click to use the Talking Dictionary59. Swimmer Ends Up in the Drink


59. He was in Miami. He was an oil executive. He was at a bar with some friends. It was about 1 a.m. He walked out of the bar. He didn't say good night to his friends. He didn't say anything to anyone. He just walked out of the bar. The videotape from a surveillance camera showed him walking west from the bar. His hotel was not west from the bar. Where did he walk to? Why didn't he walk straight back to his hotel? The police wanted to know. His family and friends wanted to know. He wasn't drunk. He wasn't sick. Five days later, someone found his body. It was in the water. The coroner did an autopsy. The coroner said he had drowned. The police said it was an accidental drowning. "That can't be! Daddy taught all of us how to swim," said one of his adult daughters. 2.2


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