Click to use the Talking Dictionary53. Job, He's Not: Life Is a Hassle


53. Everything's a hassle, he thought. The smallest thing is a hassle. Taking the cap off the toothpaste tube is a hassle. Squeezing the toothpaste tube is a hassle. Putting the toothpaste on the toothbrush is a hassle. Brushing his teeth is a hassle. Life is just one hassle after another. "You always exaggerate," his wife said. "Not everything is a hassle." He thought about that. Could his wife be right? Are some things not a hassle? How about eating food? That's not a hassle. How about taking a hot shower? That's not a hassle. How about reading? How about watching a good TV program? How about sleeping? He couldn't think of anything else. Eating, showering, reading, watching TV, and sleeping aren't a hassle. "Okay, I won't exaggerate anymore," he said to his wife. "I won't say that everything is a hassle. I'll say that everything except five things is a hassle!" 4.3


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