Click to use the Talking Dictionary52. Fly the Un‐Friendly Skies


52. He had a 9 p.m. flight. He hated to fly. A passenger plane is always crowded. It is always full. Passengers are jammed together. They are packed together. Side by side. Elbow to elbow. Front to back. Knees to butts. Five hours from California to New York. Five hours of people eating. Five hours of people drinking. Five hours of people burping. Five hours of people going to the bathroom. But first, he had to go through airport security. He hated airport security. Why do they call it security? They don't make him feel secure. They make him feel angry. They always take him aside. They always double‐check him. Does he look like a terrorist? Does he look like a mad bomber? Maybe security has a machine that reads minds. That's it. They have a machine that can read his mind. The machine says, "Angry passenger. ... Make him angrier." 2.9


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