Click to use the Talking Dictionary49. USPS: We Deliver, Not Redeliver (2)


49. Jean was shopping at Macy's. She bought some perfume and returned home. She opened her mailbox. She saw the postal form. It said, "Insured package. Sorry we missed you. Call for redelivery: 1‐800‐275‐8777." She went upstairs to her apartment. She called the 800 number. A menu robot said, "Thank you for calling USPS. Let's begin. You can say Delivery Services." Jean said, "Delivery Services." The robot said, "You can say Redelivery." Jean said, "Redelivery." The robot said, "You can say Schedule a Redelivery." Jean said, "Schedule a redelivery." The robot didn't understand her. Jean said, "Representative." A female USPS representative said, "Hello. How can I help you?" Jean asked for a redelivery the next day. The representative said, "No problem. You'll get your package tomorrow. Here's your tracking number. Remember, you can always depend on USPS." The next day, the mailman came and went. He did not redeliver the package. 5.9


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