Click to use the Talking Dictionary48. USPS: We Deliver, Not Redeliver (1)


48. Rob was in Texas. He took a package to the post office. He insured the package. He mailed it to Jean. Jean lives in New York City. She lives in a big apartment building. The apartment building has 20 floors. It has a front desk. The front desk is on the ground floor. Security people work at the front desk. Rob's package arrived in New York City. The mailman took it to the front desk. "I have a package for Apt. 3A. It's insured. Someone in 3A has to sign for it," he told Victor. Victor said, "I'll ring 3A to see if anyone is home." He rang the apartment. There was no answer. "No one's home," he said. The mailman asked, "Would you ring again, Victor? You know I don't like to redeliver packages." Victor rang the apartment again. Nobody answered. The mailman left a postal form in Jean's mailbox. 2.7


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