Click to use the Talking Dictionary44. Fired‐up Fired Worker Fires Back


44. Carl worked for a company for one year. Then they laid him off. "We have to lay you off," said his boss. "It's not you. It's the economy. We'll hire you back when the economy gets better." Carl was angry. It wasn't the economy. It's discrimination, he thought. They didn't lay off anyone else. They laid off only him. He looked for another job. He couldn't find another job. A year later, he still had no job. It isn't my fault, he thought. It was the company's fault. They had discriminated against him. He bought a gun. He went back to his old company. He shot his boss. The police arrested him. The murder was on the TV news. The TV reporter talked about Carl. She felt so sorry for him. She talked about how much he had suffered. She didn't say anything about his dead boss. 2.2


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