Click to use the Talking Dictionary40. TSA Will Find Him—Eventually


40. Kevin James is a lawyer. He has a popular name. Many men have that name. Kevin James is also the name of a major criminal. The Transportation Security Agency is looking for this major criminal. TSA wants to put him in prison. Before Kevin James the lawyer flies to meetings, TSA always pulls him aside. TSA questions him. TSA asks him if he is the criminal Kevin James. He usually misses his flight. "I always fly a day ahead of time," said Kevin. "That way, after I miss my original flight, I'll still be on time the next day." Kevin told TSA, "Compare my picture to the picture of the criminal Kevin James. You'll see that I am not him." TSA said, "We don't have a picture of him." Kevin asked, "How can you capture him if you don't know what he looks like?" TSA said, "Don't worry. We have our ways." 3.8


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