Click to use the Talking Dictionary23. It's Late—Where's His Wife? (2)


23. Now he was even more worried. Who answered the phone? Was that his wife, or another woman? Had someone stolen his wife's phone? Was his wife okay? He called back. All he got was her recorded message. He left a message. "It's 9:30. Where are you? Call me immediately," he said. He waited. She didn't call. He called back. He left another message. "Call me immediately, please. I'm worried. Call me right now, or I'm calling the police." He waited. She didn't call. Should he call the police? What would he tell them? Can you find my wife? She's somewhere in Manhattan. He heard the apartment door open. "I'm home," his wife said. He was so relieved. "Why did you hang up on me?" he asked. She said, "I said hello. I had just entered the subway station. I was walking down the steps. You didn't answer me, so I hung up." 2.0


23. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.