Click to use the Talking Dictionary20. NYC Loves The Naked Cowboy


20. It was January in Manhattan. It was a mild, sunny day. A man stood at 42nd Street and Broadway. His blond hair hung down to his broad shoulders. He was wearing a cowboy hat. He was wearing cowboy boots. He wasn't wearing a shirt. He also wasn't wearing pants! He was only wearing tight, white underwear. Written boldly on the rear of his white underwear was "The Naked Cowboy." He was playing his guitar. People stopped to look at him. A young couple looked at him. The woman was laughing. She said something to her boyfriend. She said something to the cowboy. He waved her over. She walked over to him. He put his muscular arm around her. Her boyfriend took their picture. She gave the cowboy a $5 bill. He put it into his guitar. Another woman walked over to him. He put his arm around her. Her friend took their picture. 2.7


20. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.