Click to use the Talking Dictionary18. M&Ms Mmm‐Mmm, Scratches Unh‐Unh


18. She loved M&M candy. She went to the M&M store in Times Square. The store has three floors. Each floor has many M&M items. There are M&M coffee cups. There are M&M pillows. There are M&M T‐shirts. She bought an M&M snack container. She bought a pound of red M&Ms. I'll put my M&Ms into this container, she thought. I'll eat the M&Ms one at a time. She went home. She put the snack container on the coffee table. What's this, she wondered. She saw tiny scratches. She saw many tiny scratches on the lid. It was a brand new lid. It was a brand new container. She didn't want a lid with scratches. She went back to the store. She would exchange her lid for a lid with no scratches. She looked at all the lids on all the containers. Every one of them had many tiny scratches. 0.2


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