Click to use the Talking Dictionary11. Bad Brakes Trump Drunk Drivers


11. It was in the national news every day. It was on the radio. It was on TV. It was in the newspapers. It was the recall. Toyota was recalling thousands of cars. The cars had a brake problem. Sometimes the brakes didn't work properly. Some Toyota drivers crashed. Perhaps 10 people had died in Toyota crashes in the last year. Ten people. About 10,000 people die every year in America. They are killed by drunk drivers. Drunk drivers kill about 30 people every day. Thirty people. Every day. Is this in the news? Is this on the radio? Is this on national TV? Year after year, this doesn't make the national news. But the national news people are concerned about bad brakes. They don't want bad brakes to kill another person. That would be eleven deaths! What about all the drunk driving deaths? "That's not news," said a reporter. 4.4


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