Click to use the Talking Dictionary3. Where Did He Leaf It?


3. Neal's front yard was full of leaves. He went outside and raked the leaves. His cell phone rang. He answered it. Then he continued raking. He raked the leaves into three plastic bags. The recycling truck came by an hour later. The driver threw the bags into the truck. Neal wanted to call his wife. He couldn't find his cell phone. He searched his house. He searched his front yard. Was his phone in one of the plastic bags? He called the recycling center. It was still open. He drove there with his teenage daughter. A 20‐foot‐high pile of leaves was at the center. His daughter used her cell phone to call his phone. At first he heard nothing. She kept calling. He kept digging through the pile. About 15 minutes later, he heard his phone ringing! He dug it out. "Don't tell your mom about this," Neal said. 1.2


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