336. What is this for, Ryan wondered, as he looked at the bill from Enterprise car rental company. He and Amelia had traveled to Tucson over a month ago. He had wanted to take his car, but she said she didn't trust his car.

"It's a piece of junk," she said. "Besides, it's February. What happens if the heater stops working?" So, even though he trusted his car, he rented a mid‐sized Buick. As usual, Enterprise had the best rental rates. The agent asked if he wanted to buy the collision damage waiver for $15 a day. The waiver would cover any damage to the Buick from accidents, vandalism, or theft. Ryan declined; it was only a Friday to Sunday trip. He figured that, if anything happened, his own auto insurance would cover the rental car.

"You should pay the extra $45," Amelia said. He told her that the extra money was just another corporate rip‐off, like the extended insurance that Best Buy offers customers on new computers. Only one percent of the time is the insurance ever needed; the rest of the time, the company makes a fortune off customers' fear. Ryan figured he would take his chances. He had used rental cars many times without any problems.

5.8, 72.8, 0%, 12.2, 208
Vocabulary: accident agent besides collision corporate cover customer damage decline enterprise extend fear fortune heater insurance junk rate rental rip‐off theft vandalism waiver PLUS ago Amelia another any anything auto best bill Buick buy computer customer day ever extend extra February from happen his just like many mid month new one only over own percent piece problem rent rest Ryan say should size stop that theft though time travel trust Tucson use usual what without wonder work would

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