256. A woman decorating her Christmas tree Monday was shot in her left arm when a bullet went through her living room window. Police said the incident occurred about 5:00 p.m. A .22 caliber shell casing was found across the street from the victim's home. Police did not find a weapon in the vicinity.

Mrs. Wilma Johnson was treated at a local hospital and allowed to go home. A hospital spokesman said she should recover nicely. She is in her late 50s, divorced, and living with Bob, the older of her two adult sons. Bob wasn't home at the time of the shooting.

Police will patrol the area more frequently as a result of this shooting. They don't know if the shooting was intentional or accidental. They are asking the public to help if they know anything. They interviewed the neighbors. One neighbor said he heard a gunshot, "but in this neighborhood," he said, he was "used to hearing gunshots."

The police also questioned Mrs. Johnson's ex‐husband, Joe, who lives three blocks away. Joe said if he was going to shoot at his ex‐wife, he'd make sure he shot her in her butt. "That's a target you could hit from a mile away," he laughed. Despite such remarks, the police spokesperson said Joe is not a suspect at this time.

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Vocabulary: accidental bullet butt caliber casing decorate despite incident intentional* patrol recover shell suspect vicinity PLUS adult allow are area arm away block but Christmas could did divorce do find go going gunshot hear hit home hospital husband is know late left live living local make mile Monday neighbor nice not old police question remark result say shoot should son spokesperson target that this time treat tree used victim was wasn't weapon when who wife will Wilma window  *not used in newXword

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