178. "Whoa! Stop! Stop! Stop!" Noah was astounded. His heart was racing. Webster, Noah's 18‐year‐old driving student, had just run a red light. Instead of stopping at the light, and then making a right turn after traffic had gone by, Webster had gone straight through the red light while two northbound cars were approaching the intersection. Luckily, both cars were driving slowly enough that they were able to brake. Webster, at the last second, managed to turn north. Otherwise, he would have collided into the southbound traffic on Allen.

After turning north on Allen, Webster stopped the car. "What are you doing?! What are you doing?! You can't stop here—go, go, go! We're going to get rear‐ended! Get moving!" Webster had stopped the car because he was confused and rattled. Noah's yelling certainly didn't help matters. Webster slowly accelerated.

Noah told him to move to the right lane when it was safe. Webster turned on the signal, looked around at the right rear to make sure no one was in his blind spot, and got into the right lane. At Orange Grove, Webster signaled again, and made a right turn. Noah told him to pull over to the curb. Webster parked the car.

"Webster, I'm sorry I yelled at you, but you cannot run a red light! When you're moving forward, you've always got to be looking at what's in front of you. You make a turn after you make sure the light or traffic permits you to. We could both be in the hospital right now. But we're okay, thank the Lord. And no cop was around, so we're double‐okay. So, let's just take a breather, and, when you're ready, we'll get back on the road. And from now on, when I say stop or brake, do so immediately!"

3.4, 87.0, 0%, 9.2, 304
Vocabulary: accelerate approach astound blind brake breather collide confuse cop curb double intersection lane Lord luckily manage permit race rattle rear signal southbound spot PLUS able and are back be because both but can certain could did do drive get go gone got had have heart here immediate it just let light north okay orange otherwise red run second sorry stop straight that the then traffic was Webster were what when whoa would

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