113. A nine‐year‐old boy defended his sister from her angry ex‐boyfriend yesterday. Woody Harrelson, 24, who had a house key, had hidden in the closet of the Shatner family's home waiting for his ex‐girlfriend Ethel, 23, to return. He attacked Ethel with a knife seconds after she arrived home. She was carrying their 11‐month‐old baby in her arms. Woody stabbed away, not caring if he injured his baby or not. Ethel, bleeding and screaming, ran into her bedroom and put the baby into the crib. Woody followed her into the bedroom.

Curt ran into the bedroom and jumped onto Woody's back. From behind, he managed to jam his fingers into Woody's eyes. Woody yelled and dropped the knife. As Woody stumbled around rubbing his eyes, Curt grabbed the knife and plunged it twice into Woody's lower back. Woody ran out of the house. Curt held onto the knife in case Woody came back. Ethel called 911. The paramedics treated Ethel's wounds and transported her to the hospital, where she is in stable condition. The baby, protected by its heavy clothing and a blanket, was unharmed. Woody has not been caught yet.

All hospitals in the area were alerted to watch for Woody, because Curt said that he "got him good." In fact, said one doctor, Woody should get to a hospital as soon as possible. He might bleed to death if Curt actually punctured one of Woody's kidneys. The paramedics and police commended little Curt for his bravery. He said that it was his responsibility to protect his sister, because "When Daddy's not home, I'm the man of the family."

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Vocabulary: alert blanket bleed bravery commend crib defend grab jam kidney manage paramedic plunge protect puncture responsibility rub scream stab stable stumble transport wound PLUS angry area arm attack baby been boyfriend case death drop eye family follow girlfriend good harm heavy hide injure jump key knife man police should sister were yesterday

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