104. Actor Brett Maverick, the lead actor in many movies, was taken to Cedars‐Sinai Hospital after his brother called an ambulance. Luke had found Brett in a dazed state with both of his wrists slashed. A hospital spokesperson said that the cuts on his wrists were superficial, and that Brett was in good condition.

The actor has starred in many romantic comedies. He often portrays a character who meets a girl who doesn't like him at first but falls in love with him by the end of the movie. In fact, a real‐life romance occurred in his last movie. His costar, actress Katherine Hepburn, fell in love with Brett and moved in with him. This occurred despite the fact that Katherine was engaged to wed Richard Burton, another well‐known actor. Burton, heartbroken, told the media that he was going to become a Buddhist monk.

Unfortunately for Brett, Katherine recently made another movie with actor Errol Flynn. This movie, "Love in Baghdad," is a drama involving a married couple who are separated by terrorists. Katherine told Brett she was going to "visit" Errol on his 200‐foot yacht after filming was finished. But soon afterward, TV entertainment shows like "Access Hollywood" and "Entertainment Tonight" showed photos and videos almost daily of Katherine and Errol hugging, kissing, dancing, and shopping.

"Brett couldn't take it anymore," said Luke. "He was ready to settle down with Katherine. He was going to quit acting. He had told her that he planned to buy a ranch in Wyoming for the two of them. Just them, the blue sky, the meadows, and the cows and the sheep, for the rest of their lives."

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Vocabulary: access ambulance Buddhist character comedy daze drama engage entertainment involve meadow monk occur portray ranch romance romantic separate slash superficial terrorist unfortunately wed wrist yacht PLUS actor anymore Cedars condition couple cut film first heart hug kiss live media movie person photo quit sheep show sky them

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