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1. He experienced a ___ after dinner that was a direct result of eating too much.
7. In one 10-year period, an average of 8 California ___s closed each year; the ___ shortage is a crisis for patients and emergency victims.
10. Little kids can't ___ put--they are always on the go.
11. Freeways are always dangerous, but ___ right after it starts to rain.
16. The shooting ___ never regained consciousness; police are asking for the public's help.
17. Don't brood about a problem--get it off your ___ by talking about it to a friend.
18. Some supermarkets will ___ coupons from you even if they are from other supermarkets.
19. Someone stuffed a potato into the tailpipe; when he started his car, the muffler ___d.


2. The hit-and-run victim is still ___; she hasn't opened her eyes or said anything.
3. A: You should have told her to apologize immediately. B: But I did! That's ___ what I told her to do.
4. Old soldiers never ___; they just fade away. --Popular expression.
5. The ___ told the judge that his client was in the hospital.
6. If you buy a ___ suit, it will look old and worn within a year. (Next time, pay the extra money for quality merchandise.)
8. For heart attack victims, emergency ___ that just uses chest compressions works better than traditional ___ (compressions plus breathing).
9. The ___ in both his legs occurred as he sat in the uncomfortable airplane seat for five hours straight.
10. He told the doctor his ___s: he felt weak, he had a fever, and he was coughing up blood.
12. A hospital without ___s is like a restaurant without delivery trucks.
13. It's difficult to diagnose a baby's illness because babies can't ___ their symptoms.
14. How many people died today? For all of them, there is no ___.
15. We all try to ___ our ___s as best we can, right up until the moment of our death.