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1. She wrapped a pretty pink ribbon around the ___ that contained the birthday present.
3. Would it hurt you to be polite for a change? Why are you always so ___?
7. It's ___ to refuse to shake someone's hand.
8. While he waited for his girlfriend to come downstairs, her mom ___ed him a glass of ice tea.
9. They only had enough money to ___ 50 guests to their wedding and reception.
11. The strong ___ of garlic filled the Italian restaurant.
14. The ___ between the two chemicals produced a transparent crystal.
15. ___ if you start listening to what I say, you won't make so many mistakes.
16. Bill, Billy, Will, and Willy are popular short forms of the name ___.


2. It's difficult to ___ with others when you've just had a tooth pulled.
4. ___ strokes for ___ folks. --Popular expression.
5. "___ance" is a powerful movie (1972) based on a novel by James Dickey.
6. For a change, can we please have a pleasant conversation and not ___ with each other?
10. ___ Knight and the Pips was one of the most popular soul groups of the 1960s and 1970s.
12. Why are you always so ___? You always have to correct the tiniest error that someone makes.
13. ___ly, the students take a break at 8:10. But tonight the break will start at 8:25.