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19       20         21       


2. The city ___ member was upset about the vandalism. "That's a hate crime," he said.
4. The report said that marijuana is the biggest cash ___ in the US.
8. "No Trespassing" signs mean stay off the ___.
9. He ___ed his seat on the bus to the old lady. "You are a gentleman," she said gratefully.
10. ___ Disney is the man responsible for Mickey Mouse and Disneyland.
11. He ___ed the size of the house by adding an entertainment room and a guest room.
14. The marine corporal made the ___ sacrifice by throwing himself on the live grenade.
16. The government should not bail out those investment firms--it's not ___ to us taxpayers.
17. "Barney ___" was a popular TV sitcom (1975) about a New York City police department.
18. ___ World in Florida and ___land in California are the two most popular resorts in the world.
19. The four suits in a deck of cards are spades, hearts, diamonds, and ___s.
22. I'll ___ you by phone or email as soon as I hear from my agent.
23. Writers and cartoonists often get ___ion notices from magazines and publishers.
24. I'm sorry, but you can't come in--this is a ___ club. It's not open to the public.
25. One of the 12 ___ members thought that the defendant was innocent.


1. The nominee's ___ance speech was televised nationwide.
3. Worldwide, ___ produce lots of methane gas, but also lots of steaks and hamburgers.
5. The ___ of the house remodeled the kitchen and bathrooms before putting it up for sale.
6. Why is "mice" the plural of ___, but "hice" is not the plural of house? (English is a crazy language!)
7. New car ___s all across the country were going out of business in 2008.
9. ___, Alabama is a small town that is the "Home of Ft. Rucker," where army helicopter pilots learn to fly.
12. He spends $30 a year on a ___ name that honors his wife:
13. The 9/11 destruction of the Twin Towers was not the first attack against ___s on ___ soil.
14. She complained to the federal agency that 50 people were illegally using her ___ security number.
15. Dr. Alfredo Quinones, an ___ brain surgeon in Baltimore, was a migrant worker when he first came to America.
19. They met on the tennis ___ and he ___ed her until she agreed to marry him.
20. General Motors, which makes the popular ___ Corvette, is in financial trouble.
21. It is a citizen's ___ duty to vote and to serve on juries.