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1. The ___ assessor is a government official who determines the value of your property (which determines your property ___).
3. If you ___ with me, nod your head; if you dis___, shake your head.
7. Robert ___ is an American actor best known for the TV show "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." and the classic movie "Bullitt."
11. A bad investment wiped out the old man's savings; he had to come out of ___ and return to teaching.
12. Some people refer to the IRS as the Infernal (not "Internal") ___ Service.
13. A 401(k) is an ___ retirement plan established by the employer for employees.
14. Established in 1953, the ___ (Internal Revenue Service) is part of the Department of the Treasury.
15. Use a meat thermometer to measure the ___ temperature of a turkey in the oven.


2. After he ___ed the TV screen for brightness, he had to ___ the color.
3. It's usually not good news if an ___ of the federal government knocks on your door.
4. An octopus has ___ arms and an octet is a group of ___ singers.
5. An ___ has a throat, a face, flaps, shoulders, a seal, and gum. (Who knew? See
6. You can't become a citizen unless you have proper ___. (That is, a lot of paperwork.)
8. "Band of ___s" is a TV series (2001) about a group of US soldiers in Europe during World War II.
9. You can take ___s for your children, your business expenses, and other items each tax year.
10. Your net income is what's left after you deduct your expenses from your ___ income.