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1. The ___ got halfway across the Atlantic before a storm caused his balloon to crash.
5. An entrepreneur plans to fly passengers above San Francisco in an airship that contains ___ gas. ($500 per scenic cruise!)
6. Skydivers occasionally crash into the ground when their ___ doesn't open.
7. Our school is ___d at 3035 E. Foothill Blvd.
11. The airship will ___ about 1,200 feet above San Francisco; the passengers will have fantastic views.
12. The passenger plane was cruising at an ___ of 30,000 feet when it ran into bad weather.
14. TomTom makes portable car navigation devices that use ___ (Global Positioning System).
15. John ___, Jr. was a fighter pilot, the first American to orbit Earth, and a US Senator.
17. The ___ Ocean is the second largest ocean; only the Pacific is larger.
19. The young, pretty TV news ___ never recovered consciousness after a brutal beating in her Little Rock home.
20. Steve Fossett was a ___ adventurer who risked his life many times. Oddly enough, he died during a routine plane flight.
22. To save water, many communities are asking homeowners to replace grass ___s with artificial ___s.
23. Don't ever open an ___ment that comes with an email from someone you don't know.
24. The Catholic church has nuns, ___s, bishops, and cardinals. (And one Pope.)


1. She paid $3 for a ___ of bananas and $4 for a ___ of seedless green grapes.
2. Give a man enough ___, and he'll hang himself. --Popular expression.
3. Promising to return the next day, the pilot flew off into the wild blue ___.
4. Located in South America, ___ is the fifth largest country in the world.
5. A motorcyclist who rides without a ___ risks serious head injury.
8. Your spinal ___ is a vital part of your nervous system.
9. Campers often take ___ air mattresses with them for comfortable sleeping.
10. The military uses ___ bombs, which contain lots of little bombs for maximum destruction.
11. People put political ___s in their front yards before local or national elections.
13. The Heimlich maneuver is an ___ procedure for saving someone's life if they are choking on food.
16. Surgeons inflate tiny ___s inside your arteries to increase blood flow to and from your heart.
18. Garmin and other companies sell GPS ___s to enable motorists to find their destination.
21. The Coast Guard found a life ___ floating around, but no one was in it.