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1. In "Star Trek," Captain Kirk and his crew were ___ed instantly to and from their spaceship.
3. The ___ is the third planet from the sun, which is 93 million miles away.
7. If your car isn't working properly, it's usually an electrical or ___al problem.
9. Children love Halloween, an ___ celebration occurring on the last day of October.
10. The old man wasn't breathing, so the cop tried to ___ him.
11. "We will ___ you by mail as to the date of your swearing-in ceremony," the immigration examiner told Laura.
12. ABC-TV claims that it is "___" news (like "breaking" news), but most of its news is after the fact.
15. Nowadays, a ___ in a Los Angeles crosswalk is like a fly in a flyswatter factory.
16. One ream contains 500 ___s of paper.
17. ___s give emergency care to victims at the scene of a crime or an accident.
18. A civil war between North and South ___ ended in 1953; the original country of ___ has been divided since 1945.
19. Many children learn their ABCs by playing with wooden alphabet ___s.


2. There's no time like the ___. --Popular expression.
4. The suspect claimed that the death was an ___, but the police think that it was murder.
5. The parents of the dead surfer say the four men ___ed their son, but the men were charged only with manslaughter.
6. The fire ___ed 50 homes; firefighters suspect arson.
8. Her ___ over the loss of her parents in the car crash lasted for months.
9. Officials held a televised ceremony honoring all the victims on the fifth ___ of 9/11.
13. A pedestrian in a ___ in Los Angeles is like a deer in the crosshairs of a hunter's rifle.
14. The ___ in honor of the founding of Arcadia lasted all weekend; there were rides, games, and contests.
16. The accident ___ contained wreckage from three vehicles and several dead bodies.