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  16          17      


3. She went into the store's ___ room to try on the short blue skirt.
6. It is an ___ store--you won't find any cheap merchandise in it.
9. This new shirt is so ___--look, some of the buttons are about to fall off.
10. Mervyn's is a ___ store popular throughout California for its inexpensive clothes.
13. She is looking for some tank ___ to go with her new shorts.
14. The customer put a ___ of clothes on the checkout counter.
15. An ___ is a punctuation mark that indicates possession (Bob's car) or contraction (Don't lie).
16. A TV jingle is a ___ tune with lyrics that try to sell you something.
17. The ___ of the store next to the rear emergency door is for storage.


1. Clerk: May I help you with something? Customer: No, thanks. I'm just ___.
2. Even a sincere ___ for something you did wrong does not always result in forgiveness.
4. ___ Los Angeles is an area in the ___ern part of the city.
5. Q: How many ___s are in the word "apology"? A: Four.
7. He is looking for a pair of ___ to go with his new sport coat.
8. She asked him to ___ her to the clothing store to help her choose some skirts and blouses.
11. The nationwide recession is causing stores to go out of business all around the ___.
12. The red blouse doesn't fit me, and ___ does the blue one.