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1. The police officer ___ped on the door sharply.
3. ___ Griffith is a famous American actor who played a sheriff in the TV town called Mayberry.
7. She: Did you remember to buy some apples? He: Uh, they were out of apples. She: What!? He: Well, ___, I forgot.
10. He didn't like the tie, so he put it back in the box, rewrapped it, and ___ed it for his brother.
11. The third time's the ___. --Popular expression.
14. I'm sorry, but we can't give you a refund if you don't have a ___.
16. Andy Williams helped make "___ ___" one of America's most popular songs.
18. Beethoven and Mozart, among many others, composed ___al music that people will enjoy forever.
19. Sales ___. Income ___. Flat ___. Progressive ___. Regressive ___. Corporate ___. Capital gains ___.


2. ___ sign (+). Minus sign (-). Multiplication sign (x).
4. Fritz said it would rain this afternoon, but I ___ it--look how blue the sky is.
5. She ___ when her brother told her the joke about Mickey and Minnie.
6. The ___ took the shirt off the hanger, scanned the price tag, and folded the shirt.
8. ___ Sheldon was a famous American screenwriter and novelist.
9. We use the simple ___ tense for actions we repeat: I take a shower every morning.
12. The British tennis player won the first ___ but lost the match, 3-1.
13. If you don't mind waiting, I will be with you ___arily.
15. The ___ of one of Sidney Sheldon's famous novels is "The Other Side of Midnight."
17. Even with a razor blade, it's difficult to ___ the plastic wrapper off a CD package.