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1. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones created many rock 'n roll ___.
4. Many soul classics were ___ in Detroit, home of Motown Records.
6. Rock 'n roll ___s like Mick Jagger have led exciting lives.
7. When stock prices plunge, buyers can buy some stocks at ___ prices.
9. Singer/actor Frank ___ was nicknamed "Old Blue Eyes" and "Chairman of the Board."
13. The most frequent ___t about the new vehicle is its poor gas mileage.
15. The best-selling ___ of all time is "Their Greatest Hits" by the Eagles, followed by Michael Jackson's "Thriller."
16. One-___ wonders (artists who produced only one great song) include Jeannie C. Riley ("Harper Valley PTA").
17. The ___ at the record store knew the title of every song that was on every Beatles album.


1. In chronological order: 78s, 45s, 33-1/3s, 8-tracks, cassettes, and ___s. (Of course, now there's the iPod.)
2. Cut a grapefruit in half and you will see about a dozen delicious ___s.
3. Rosemary ___ was a popular recording artist in the 1950s. Her hit songs included "Half as Much" and "Hey There."
5. The New ___ was President Roosevelt's name for his plan to get America out of the Depression.
8. Some artists can paint a copy of a masterpiece that you can't tell from the ___.
10. A CD ___ is wrapped so tightly in its plastic wrapper that people curse when trying to open it.
11. "___ Mechanics" and "___ Science" are ___ monthly magazines.
12. She was enjoying the magazine article so much that she completely lost ___ of the time.
14. His ___er didn't work because the ___er cable wasn't plugged into his computer.