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 21    22                


1. The sculptor was famous for his lifelike ___s of horses.
5. The military ___s the border from dusk to dawn.
6. Finally it ___ed on him--she gave him the wrong phone number deliberately!
8. By using his cell phone while driving, he was ___ing the lives of his passengers.
9. A ___ is always looking for an opportunity to steal anything from anyone.
10. The under___ federal agent became a trusted member of the drug gang.
13. He twisted the two ___s together, wrapped electrical tape around them, and pushed the plug into the outlet.
14. Too much alcohol will eventually ___ your brain. (If you don't understand this warning, it's too late!)
15. The eye___ness gave the police an excellent description of the thief.
16. "Do I need to ___ you who's paying the bills?" the angry father asked his ungrateful teenage son.
17. The Statue of Liberty is on an island in New York ___.
21. The huge Statue of ___ on ___ Island was designed by a French sculptor.
23. The two TV ___s joked with Fritz the weatherman during the newscast.
24. The couple eventually broke up because of ___ problems--she was Asian, he was American.
25. "Come and get me, ___!" criminals in old movies used to say to the police.


1. He sat as still as a ___ while the art class used him as a model.
2. To increase lending and borrowing, the government ___d the interest rate by a half percent.
3. Unfortunately, the number and amount of bank loans did not ___ after the government reduced the interest rate.
4. The ___ TV news included a story about a teenager who killed a homeless man by setting him on fire.
7. They should make ___ covers out of old tires to prevent thieves from stealing the metal ones off the streets.
9. He wasn't aware of the ___ of his wallet until he tried to pay his restaurant bill.
11. Coal ___s have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world--cave-ins occur regularly.
12. Parents used to ___ their baby's little shoes as a memento.
18. She found a long ___ hair on her husband's blazer; being a brunette, she was suspicious.
19. The baseball pitcher watched the runner carefully, because he loved to ___ bases.
20. He looked for a piece of ___ paper that he could write his phone number on.
22. At the racetrack, she decided to ___ all her money on a horse named "Number One Champ."