Story 295a


Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter. Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.
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         6    7           
     8    9         10        
 11    12        13             
  15           16           
17           18      19    20      21   
  22     23    24               
26    27               28       
       31    32     33          
34             35         36    
38      39                  
41         42               


1. A proud man will never ___ for anything, even if it means going hungry.
3. Aquafina made an ___ment recently that its bottled water actually came from a faucet!
9. If you are a deep-___ fisherman, you might go out to ___ for days or weeks on end.
10. If you ___ someone the wrong way, they are irritated by you. (A masseur or masseuse ___s you the right way!)
11. Do you carry a small ___ of your loved ones in your wallet? (Is the ___ in color or black and white?)
13. A ___-sea fisherman catches tuna, salmon, grouper, and mackerel. (Or hopes to!)
14. Young boys often learn to hunt and ___ from their fathers. They hunt in the woods and ___ in the lakes.
15. Your ___s always want the best for you. They want your life to be more comfortable than theirs was.
18. If you have no ___, it will be difficult for you to make a big purchase like a new car or a house.
22. You might have to use your savings to pay a big ___ from your credit card company. (They call it a 'statement'--it sounds nicer.)
25. A funeral is a time to put ___ all of your own problems and focus on the dearly departed.
26. You can serve your country by joining the ___, navy, air force, coast guard, or marines.
28. As long as you always try your best, you shouldn't feel ___y if mistakes happen. (Everybody makes mistakes.)
29. If you always ___ to do your best, your parents will be proud of you.
30. I ___ sorry for children who are raised without a dad. (Or worse, those raised in an orphanage.)
31. If you grow up without parents, it's easy for you to feel worth___ about yourself.
34. Wealthy men have often been ___rupt more than once, because they risk everything on business ventures.
35. Don't feel ___ for too long if you make a mistake. Learn from it. We all make mistakes.
37. Nobody wants to ___ with a memento from a loved one. (Especially if the loved one was your life ___ner.)
38. A ___ doesn't need to have money value. Most ___s simply have sentimental value.
40. The same item can have different ___s to different people. One man's trash is another man's treasure.
41. If you smoke three packs a day, you shouldn't be surprised if you get lung ___. (Be surprised if you DON'T get it!)
42. If you're going deep-sea fishing, you'll need to get on a ___ to get out to where the fish are.
43. What is the difference between ___ing and begging? Not much. Although in court, you ___ not guilty. (You don't beg.)
44. An ___ of your will who will see that everything in your will gets done and distributed properly.


2. Is there anything ___ I can do for you? Is there someone ___ I can call?
4. Most elderly people would prefer to spend their last days in their own home instead of in a ___ home.
5. The ___ on the wall tells me that it's time to go. In a classroom, students often look at the ___.
6. Sunlight causes many items to ___ so that the original colors are less bright.
7. If someone does you a favor, then you ___ them a favor. (Nothing is free!)
8. A ___ person either doesn't know, or doesn't care, that he is offending others. ('Polite' is a four-letter word to them.)
12. If you give your car to a ___, you can deduct the value of that car from your annual income.
16. If you're an ___ baseball fan, you will go to many Dodger games if you live near Los Angeles.
17. When you die, the court will distribute the cash and other valuables that are part of your ___. (Of course, if you die broke, you have no ___.)
18. If you ___ most of your life spending your money and having a good time, you probably won't have much of an estate when you die.
19. If you go to Las Vegas, you might see ___weds getting married by Elvis Presley. (Not the REAL Elvis, of course.)
20. Excuse me. Could you give me five ___s for this five-dollar bill? (Or five ones.)
21. A single penny has so little value that it is practically ___less.
23. If you're a rich man getting a divorce, you definitely need to hire a good ___. (So does your wife!)
24. Some men get rich by saving every ___. Others get rich by gambling every ___ they've made.
27. Survivors ___ the loss of a loved one. ___ers attend the funeral.
30. You will never ___ yourself if you have angry words with your mom just before she dies in an auto accident.
32. A ___ in the army tells the privates and corporals what to do. A lieutenant tells the ___ what to do.
33. Even a broken clock tells the ___ time twice a day.
36. A ___ is a time for mourning and for sharing memories of the loved one.
39. An aunt might take her young ___ out shopping with her. (But not her young nephews.)