Story 293a


Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter. Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.
1    2       3       4    5        
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     9               10    
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 14      15                 
16            17            
     18    19               
20            21       22      23   
     24          25         
 27          28        29    30     
       31      32    33         
35           36             
38            39            


4. Bob: I want to marry you! Sara: You must be ___! You don't even know me!
6. For the first 8 years after you buy a house, you are paying off the interest on the loan, not the ___.
8. In just the last 10 years, the prices of some homes have more than ___d.
9. If you're using the Internet, you have to be careful who you select to go out with on a ___. (There are a lot of sickos out there.)
13. If your husband spends all weekend at the golf course, you are a golf ___.
15. When you take your ___friend out to dinner, don't take her to a cheap restaurant. (And don't leave a cheap tip.)
16. The ___ center is where older people meet for various activities, including dancing and parties. (They're not dead yet!)
17. ___, Swedish, and Finnish people live in Scandinavia. (Where the winters are long and cold.)
18. Unless you learn a second language as a youngster, you will probably speak that language with an ___.
20. Mr. Smith likes to catch fish, and ___ Smith likes to cook the fish that her husband catches. (A perfect couple!)
21. Hearing a certain song might ___ you of an old girlfriend. (Or smelling a certain perfume.)
24. It's polite for the man to ___ the woman in and out of his car. (Or to ___ an old lady across the street.)
25. She was so pretty that she could have had a different ___friend for every day of the month.
27. ___ on you if you tell a girl that you love her, but you really don't. (Or that you'll call her, but you don't.)
33. If you're a young man, you're always on the ___ for a beautiful woman to date. (Or even marry.)
34. Too many cookies and too much ice cream will ___ you fat. (And maybe lonely, too.)
35. If you are the ___ heir to a fortune, you won't have to share it with anyone else. (But don't be selfish.)
36. When a man ___s at a woman, he is silently signaling that he likes her. (But she might think he is fresh.)
37. It's not always easy to do the ___ thing. Leading a girl on, so that she thinks you love her (but you don't), is the wrong thing to do.
38. If you want to ___ along with people, it helps if you go along with what they want to do.
39. ___ flowers with you on your first date, and the girl will think the world of you.
40. You don't need ___ clothes and a ___ car to attract a woman. (Although they don't hurt.)
41. A ___ is a safe--and quiet--place to meet someone for the first time. (And there's a lot to read while you're waiting.)


1. Two people in love may be separated occasionally, but nothing can ever keep them ___ forever.
2. The fond memories of a loved one who has ___ are what we cherish and share with the living.
3. The ___ that is put onto a baking pan is almost as tasty as the baked cookies themselves.
5. If you can't ___ your hands to yourself, a girl might not go out on a second date with you. (Unless she likes you!)
7. If you cannot ___ on your schoolwork, you might have a hard time graduating. (Stop focusing on the girls!)
10. Many married couples put on extra ___s as they get older. (They're called 'love handles.')
11. If you are the ___ to a fortune, like Paris Hilton, you have an easy life. ('Work' is a four-letter word.)
12. Landlord: It's nice to see that you paid your rent on time ___ a change. Tenant: ___ a change? I always pay my rent on time!
14. Because her school is ___, she can walk home for lunch from school. (Or for a nap.)
15. Students realize that a BA or BS is not enough anymore. They have to go on to ___ school to get an MA or MS.
19. In the US in 2000, there were 2.0 million property damage ___es and 4.2 million injury ___es. (That's 6.2 million vehicle ___es in ONE year!)
22. On Valentine's ___, a man sends a card and flowers to his girlfriend or wife.
23. Where would the Red Cross and other charitable organizations be without the help of thousands of unpaid ___s?
25. The two ___ings in Manhattan that were destroyed on 9/11 will be replaced by a single ___ing.
26. After you get your bachelor's degree, you might want to continue school to get your ___'s degree.
27. A ___ is almost like a heart attack, except that it affects your brain. Many people can't talk properly after a ___.
28. Many ads for condos or houses brag about what wonderful ___s they have--city ___s, ocean ___s, mountain ___s.
29. If you don't ___ on your goals, you will never achieve them. (And you should have a timetable, too.)
30. ___-grade children are usually about 11 years old. They love school and they love their teacher.
31. A ___ chef will create a cherry and cream cheese ___ that looks, smells, and tastes delicious. (But oh, those calories!)
32. At a ___, the survivors listen to a few speakers say nice things about the departed loved one.