Story 292a


Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter. Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.
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     8       9     10    11       
15         16             17    
          18    19      20      
22                23        
24            25            
         26        27      28   
30     31           32          
     33    34               
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     37     38              
           39    40         
     41         42          


1. Many citizens believe that ___s, not voters, are running America. (Congress listens to corporate HQ.)
4. If your car needs constant repairs, you might pay a junk dealer to take it ___ your hands.
6. Most people who open their ___ and look at their engine have no idea what they're looking at.
8. The ___ mechanic in my town is less than a mile away; the farthest is about four miles away.
10. If you hear something ___ under your hood, it's not a bomb--it's your engine.
12. The fuel ___ runs from the gas tank to the carburetor. (But not in a straight ___.)
13. If age or the sun ___s the paint on your car, any paint shop can make your car look like new.
14. The ___ hot weather has caused many car owners to get their air conditioning fixed.
15. The mechanic ___ me an estimate of $200 to repair my car. That included parts and labor.
16. The Kelley ___ Book contains trade-in, retail, and private party values for used cars. (It's a color.)
18. If one of your tires looks low on air, you'd better check all your ___ tires. (Don't forget the spare.)
20. The ___ pump sends ___ from the gas tank to the carburetor.
21. If you're driving after ___, make sure you turn your headlights on.
23. You won't be ___d if the mechanic says your car is fixed, but it isn't! You might be angry.
24. If you've never ___ a horse, it may be because you own an automobile. (In the old days, they rode horses.)
25. A mechanic will ___ your old oil filter into the trash can. (But it should be recycled!)
27. If you hear strange ___s coming from under your hood, take your car to the mechanic. (Or turn up your radio.)
29. People who do a lot of work on their own car usually have a well-thumbed auto ___ with greasy pages.
30. A mechanic should give you a written estimate that includes the price for parts and ___.
32. Sometimes people buy a used car from a good ___. If the car turns out to be a lemon, they no longer talk to their ___.
34. A well-___ed book is one that shows a lot of wear and tear. (Only humans have opposing ___s.)
35. A ___logist might be able to explain why people choose the cars that they drive.
36. If you're taking your ___friend out to dinner, you'd better wash your car and vacuum the interior.
37. They say that the average tire loses about one pound of air every ___. (So check your tire pressure regularly!)
39. If you've had no ___s with your car recently, you're a lucky car owner. (Then again, they say a ___ is an opportunity.)
41. If your car breaks down, ___ your mechanic a call. (Then, ___ him your money.)
42. If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing ___.


2. A new ___ job does wonders for an old car with faded paint.
3. If you buy a new stereo for your car, you will have to ___ it yourself or pay someone to ___ it.
5. If you know how to ___ your car when it breaks down, you can save a lot of money.
7. Your mechanic might have to special ___ a part for your car if he doesn't have it in his shop.
9. Modern cars have wonderful ___ sound systems. In the old days, cars had an AM radio with one speaker.
11. When you get a car repair estimate, make sure you get the price for ___ and labor.
12. When you park your car on a hot day, you might see some clear ___ on the pavement. That is water condensation from your air conditioner.
17. People often choose cars that suit their ___alities or their dreams.
19. The driver got mad at ___ because he forgot to put the gas cap back on after refueling.
22. A tractor-___er is a big truck that delivers goods all over the US.
26. If you have ___ money, you can buy any kind of car you want.
27. You can order ___ parts for your car (like a dashboard cover) to personalize the car.
28. Goodwill, the Red Cross, and many other organizations appreciate ___s of cars from owners.
31. ___ you've driven a Cadillac, you'll never go back to driving an ordinary car.
33. If you stick a potato up a tailpipe, you will hear an explosion that sounds like a small ___. (Don't do it!)
35. Your car has two ___s--a water ___ and a fuel ___. (How do you move a liquid?)
38. When you ___ a pretty girl out on a date, make sure you have gas in your tank. (And ___ lots of money.)
40. If you use your credit card to pay your mechanic, you will ___ that amount to your credit card company. (Pay the whole bill so you don't ___ interest.)