Story 280a


Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter. Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.
  1    2    3     4            
5                   6    
10    11      12           13      
  14        15             
17       18                
    19      20    21     22        
            23   24        
 25         26             
27                   28    
29          30       31        
32                33       


3. If you ___ or yell at a wild animal, it will usually run away. (Unless it's a big, hungry bear.)
5. I ___ that you love me, because you never buy me gifts or take me out.
7. Come ___ me, so that you can more easily hear me and see me.
8. ___s speak louder than words. Many people like ___ movies.
9. Nasty, or___, gossip can ruin a person's good reputation. An angry pit bull is a ___ dog.
14. If Bob borrows $5 from Nancy, he will ___ Nancy $5. When Bob pays Nancy back, he won't ___ her anymore.
15. If someone is very upset, a doctor might prescribe a ___ to calm the person down.
16. If you run into the back of someone's car, they might ___ you for pain and suffering.
17. People who play ___ often drive around the ___ course in a ___ cart. (Think about Tiger Woods when he's 60.)
18. If you ___, or surprise, someone who is drinking something, he might drop his drink.
19. In golf, ___ is a good score. If a hole is a ___ 4, your ball should be on the green in 2 shots. Then you should take only 2 putts.
20. Golfers have accidents in golf ___s because they drive the ___s too fast or carelessly.
22. 'May the ___ be with you' is a famous line from the movie 'Star Wars.'
23. If someone ___s your car, you might sue them in court to fix the ___ to your car.
25. A dog is an ___; a tree is a plant. We humans are ___s, even though we think we are special.
26. A dog will sit up on its ___ legs to beg for food. It will use one of its front legs to scratch at the door.
29. Have you ever ___ your car in the woods at night with the headlights off? Well, don't--it's dangerous!
30. If you try to eat food in the park, you might have to ___ the hungry pigeons and squirrels away.
31. Potato chips, Doritos, pretzels, popcorn, and beef jerky are all popular ___s.
32. A dentist will inject a ___ anesthetic into your gum to prevent pain while he fixes your cavity.
33. Most golf courses have 18 tees, 18 fairways, and 18 holes in 18 ___s. You putt on the ___s with your putter.


1. An important part of golf is ___ing. A good golfer must also be a good ___er.
2. If you are going to court, it's always wise to hire an ___. ___s have lots of experience in court.
4. You should ___ your bank statement carefully each month to make sure no one is stealing your money.
6. ___s have long bushy tails and live in trees with birds. ___s love nuts.
10. If you are hiking on a trail by yourself, and you suddenly see a mountain lion nearby, you will be ___ened.
11. When there is a ___ between a motorcycle and a truck, the truck always wins.
12. If someone is upset about something, he might ___ about it under his breath.
13. Some people worry about tomorrow, regret ___, and forget to enjoy today.
15. The tractor trailer ___ the tree with such force that all the apples fell off the tree.
19. '___ me that you'll always love me,' Nancy told her fiance. 'I ___,' he said.
21. A 5-hour game of golf is called a ___ of golf. A ___ of golf is 18 holes.
24. If you crash your car, you should have an insurance appraiser ___ the amount of damage.
26. If you run over a nail on your bicycle, you might hear a ___ing sound as the tire goes flat.
27. Your car has a brake ___, a gas ___, and perhaps a clutch ___.
28. A long time ago (long before you were born!), a man would get excited if he saw a woman's ___.