Story 277a


Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter. Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.
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 4    5     6     7      8        
 10            11          
               13     14   
15       16      17            
            18      19     
     20    21      22          
23      24                 
   25          26          
27           28      29    30      
 31                32      
 33        34              


1. When I was a kid, I couldn't watch TV until I did my ___.
5. When your mom tells you to do something, don't ___ with her--just do it.
8. Doll___s are still very popular gifts for little girls. Dog___s are popular gifts for dogs.
10. If you want to get a college scholarship, you should have good ___, plus be active in school and your community.
11. You can live with only one kidney and one ___. Just don't plan on running a marathon with only one ___.
12. Children stick their ___s out at one another to gloat or to show displeasure.
13. A ___ on the hand or the cheek is friendly. A ___ on the lips can be friendly or romantic. A French ___ is romantic.
15. The scarcer that water gets, the less that people will be watering their ___s.
16. Malaria is the deadliest ___ in the world, killing one million people annually.
22. Don't ___ about a 'problem'; instead, be thankful for an 'opportunity.'
24. ___s have to be very ___ when they visit their doctor. Im___ ___s will get upset when their doctor is late.
27. Perhaps the most important ___ion of all time, the TV remote control, was ___ed by Robert Adler and Eugene Polley, about 1956. (Can you imagine having to get up off the sofa to change the channel?!)
28. Students who get ___-A's in high school have a better chance of getting into certain colleges than students who get A's and B's.
31. An ___ draws up the plans, or blueprints, for the design of a building. Frank Lloyd Wright is a famous American ___.
32. Little girls love to play with ___s. They dress up their ___s, have tea, and play house with them.
33. If you had ___ one wish to make, what would that wish be for?
34. Someone who studies ___ (living organisms) might come up with the vaccine that prevents malaria.


1. Believe it or not, giving your child a big ___ is not the norm in some cultures. Can you imagine your parents never ___ging you?
2. The older you get, the less you want things to ___, and the more you like things just the way they are (or the way they used to be!).
3. The ___ man was slowly dying for months before his death.
4. Kids seem to love all kinds of fruits, while they hate most kinds of ___s. (Maybe it's the sugar?)
6. A good exercise is to walk ___ and downstairs. Again, and again.
7. A tadpole, or pollywog, is the 'baby' form of a ___ or toad.
9. People generally like a ___ person, as long as that person doesn't try to pull a fast one on them.
14. ___s and other researchers are busy trying to find a vaccine that will protect the world against malaria.
17. If your mom discovers that you watched TV instead of doing your homework, she will ___ you. (And your dad might spank you.)
18. If your lawn is nothing but sand, rocks, and cactus, you won't have to ___ it. You won't have to water it, either.
19. Children sometimes ___ one another by sticking their tongue out. Sometimes they put their thumbs in their ears and wag their fingers, too.
20. Patients with failing organs often have to ___ a long time for a donor to save their lives via a transplant.
21. A ___ apology shows respect; an insincere ___ is an insult.
23. Sometimes when you visit the doctor, he will say, '___ out your tongue and say Ah!' (Maybe medical school isn't so difficult!)
25. If you want ___ advice, consult your doctor. If you want legal advice, consult your lawyer.
26. Someone who is '___ like a fox' is actually a clever person.
29. If you can make it through modern life without suffering a painful physical ___, you are a lucky person.
30. A pleasant child___ will probably result in a happy adulthood. (Of course, a good job and loving family help, too.)