Story 276a


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 19   20        21            
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29       30      31           


3. There isn't ___ of a difference between a 60-minute commute to work and a 65-minute commute--they both stink.
5. Nancy ___ ever goes out. She has few friends, and men don't find her attractive enough to ask out.
7. Sara ___ up the phone when she recognized the man's voice. It was the creepy guy from the coffee shop.
9. If you sincerely ___ to someone for something that you said or did, that person will usually forgive you.
10. Bob and Sara seemed like the ___ couple, so their friends were totally surprised when they broke up.
12. If you can ___ the girl of your dreams, you are a lucky man.
14. Educators throughout the country are trying to figure out how to keep kids from ___ out of school.
16. A pretty woman ___s many different men, but she still has a hard time finding Mr. Right.
17. ___ though Mary loved William, she couldn't forgive him for asking her own sister for a date. The nerve!
19. To win a woman's heart, a man will do everything possible to ___ her and make her happy.
21. A ___ woman has a great time when she's young, but men don't find her nearly so attractive when she ages.
25. If the man you love doesn't find you attractive, you should probably try to find someone ___.
27. If you can't find a woman who will marry you, it's ___ because you don't make enough money.
29. A polite way for a woman or a man to tell someone that you don't want to date them is to say, 'I'm sorry, but you're not my ___.'
30. 'I'm sorry, but how can I ___ you after you dated both my sisters and my best friend?' Judy asked her fiance. 'I hate you!' she shouted.
32. '___ me once, shame on you. ___ me twice, shame on me.' 'There is no ___ like an old ___.'
33. 'I'm tired of ___ing myself,' Jennifer told her boyfriend. 'When I said that we're through, I meant it.'


1. 'I've been ___ing about you all week,' Michelle told Ben. 'Me, too,' smiled Ben, as he opened the car door for her.
2. 'How do you think our relationship can last, when you don't even ___ to do the little things to help me out?' Susan complained to Harold.
3. ___ stars have fantastic lives on screen, but their real lives often involve messy and expensive divorces.
4. Lovers think that a ___ moon is a romantic moon.
6. If you continue to feel sorry for yourself, you will continue to be a ___ person. Get busy! Find your passion and follow it!
8. 'How can you be so ___ that I am the right person for you?' she asked him. 'We just met each other.'
9. Men are ___ to a beautiful woman like hummingbirds are drawn to sugar water.
11. If you don't ___ up and start behaving properly, you're going to lose your girlfriend for sure.
13. Does it ___ you when your boyfriend looks at other women when you are out on a date?
15. When you're in love, you might ___ up with things that ordinarily would irritate you.
18. What are you ___ to do when you discover that your best friend, who is married, has two girlfriends on the side?
20. 'When a Man ___s a Woman' (1966) , by Percy Sledge, is one of the greatest soul and love songs of all time.
22. They say that the ___ time's the charm, but after their ___ date, Barbara told Jim that she didn't want to see him again.
23. Lonely people are ___ people. And if you're a ___ person, other people don't want to be around you, because you're no fun.
24. 'If I want to get things done, I have to do them ___,' Sally complained to her husband. 'What good are you?'
26. 'You've told me so many ___s that I can't believe a single thing that you say anymore,' Ella told her boyfriend when she broke up with him.
28. The problem with being a big movie ___ is that you have no private life. Paparazzi follow you everywhere.
31. It's good to love your mother, but if you're ___ love with your mother, you probably should see a psychiatrist.