Story 272a


Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter. Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.
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5       6               
  8                 9   
         10      11       
    13     14       15        
 16    17      18             
 20           21   22      23     
25        26              
        27       28       


1. Many people don't ___ their good health until they lose it.
2. When you first fall in love, you're ___ about your new boyfriend or girlfriend.
5. You usually have a ___ time with your friends and an un___ time with people you don't like.
7. Nutritionists and doctors advise you to eat ___ fruits and vegetables daily.
8. Iraq and Iran are considered ___ Eastern countries.
10. If you feel 'out of ___,' you feel uncomfortable.
12. The assistant dean took over school operations after the ___ had a stroke.
13. If you are the ___ of a party, you hope that your guests will have a pleasant time.
15. ___ parlor. ___ salon. ___ shop. If you go there often enough, maybe you can enter a ___ contest.
18. In the movie 'The Godfather,' Vito made someone an ___ he couldn't refuse.
20. A tenth-grade girl who stays out too late with her boyfriend will get a stern ___ from her dad.
21. The movie 'My ___ with Andre' (1981) takes place in a restaurant. Two men talk to each other for 110 minutes.
25. Part of a large building's foundation, a ___ is a steel column that's pounded into the ground with a ___ driver.
26. Restaurant employees are required by law to wash their hands after using the ___.
27. '___ Here to Eternity' (1953) won eight Academy Awards, including Best Actor/Actress/Director/Picture.
28. Children often have to ___ their bedrooms with their brothers or sisters.
29. Men tend to chase a ___ woman and ignore an intelligent woman. What does that tell you about men?
30. Once you live in a neighborhood for a while, you develop ___ knowledge about it.


1. On the David Letterman TV show, the audience ___s loudly after every one of his opening jokes. Why?
3. Birthdays and wedding anniversaries are popular ___ celebrations.
4. To 'push the ___' means to explore the unknown. By the way, the ___ is not the ___ you seal, stamp, and mail to someone.
6. The annual high school play is usually performed in the school ___.
9. '___ the lonely know the heartaches I've been through' is part of a Roy Orbison song (1960).
11. 'Some Enchanted ___' is a very popular song from the Broadway play 'South Pacific' (1949).
14. 'Let's Spend the Night ___' (1967) is a popular Rolling Stones song. The title was considered indecent.
16. All fruits are nutritious and ___. (It rhymes.)
17. A May-December romance often involves a woman in love with a ___ older man. (Okay, maybe she's in love with his money.)
19. It seems that the older a woman gets, the more smelly ___ she wears. (Don't get on that elevator with her.)
22. Shorts and a T-shirt are ___ clothing that people wear in the summer.
23. Some men prefer blondes, while other men prefer ___s. Old men prefer easy chairs (in front of the TV).
24. If you're having a wedding, you will want to hire a ___er to prepare and serve all the food.